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Swedish massage therapy is probably one of the more relaxing and therapeutic massage techniques. It involves the use of the hands, forearms and elbows to work the superficial muscles. It's designed to promote relaxation, increase oxygen flow in the body and rid the body of toxins. This is a great massage to get if it's your first time getting a massage or if you get massage only once in a while.

The purpose of Swedish massage therapy is to promote relaxation to the body by manipulating the muscles with long, gliding strokes that follow the direction of blood that's returning to the heart. Lotions and oils are often used to minimize friction between the therapist's hands and the recipient's skin for a much more comfortable experience.

Enjoy a traditional Swedish full body massage in a private room at The Mayflower .Let the therapists' soothing hands relax your tense muscles and melt away muscle spasms. The Swedish massage is the ultimate in relaxation and stress relief with more focus on the back, neck, legs and arms. This massage is definitely the one that most people choose.

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