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It is said that everything comes better in pairs. They probably had a couples massage in mind when they came up with that. A couple’s massage at The Mayflower is a great way to enjoy your time together with a loved one, friend, mom, daughter and more. A couple’s massage is when two people are massaged at the same time by two different therapists. It offers double the benefits and double the relaxation.

which massages can be done as a couples massage?

Any massage that is done in a private room at the Mayflower can be done as a couples massage. These include Swedish massage, Deep Tissue massage, Asian Fusion Combo massage, and Thai massage. The 4 hand Swedish and Deep Tissue can be done as a couples massage as well for the ultimate experience.

how much does a couples Massage cost at the Mayflower?

Some spas charge in excess of $200 for a couples massage. At the Mayflower you’ll get great couples massages at a great price. There is no additional fee for a couples massage. You are charged the same price for whichever massage each person chooses. So if both you get a Swedish massage each for your couples massage, the total cost is $108.

what are the benefits of a couples massage?

A couple’s massage is a great way for two people to spend an enjoyable time together. It may be two people on a date or just friends hanging out. This massage experience allows two people to relax together and unwind. Get rid of your stress, bond together, and enjoy your time. The next time you’re thinking what to do with your partner, friend, or loved one, consider a couples massage at the Mayflower.

how do i book a couples massage?

When booking your massage at The Mayflower,just let the receptionist know that you’ll be doing a couples massage. You can also book online and be sure to note in the message section that you would like the massage done as a couples massage. They will reserve a couples massage room just for you.

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